About Us

About Us

Bruce Stewart Authority Site NomadThank you for visiting and taking an interest in our site. We have created this place on the web to house all of our resources for the building of a successful and profitable business online. These resources cover all of the areas that are required when building out your online business. When you need a particular resource you can login┬áto the member’s area and generally find what you are looking for.

Over my lifetime I have created and ran something like 16 businesses in the offline world. With these businesses there were some successes and some failures. Now I am bringing my business experiences and skill sets to play in the online business world.

I have noticed a trend online and I am calling it the

“Digital Lifestyle Revolution”.

“Value Before Profit”

Making loads of money/cash from what I enjoy doing is not the driving force that keeps me going. I wish to give out value to the people that I cross paths with and see them get started with their online business with the same values and reasons that I and other people around the world have in their businesses.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Giving value and care to each individual comes well before thinking of how much money can I make from this venture. Care for people 1st and let the money will look after its self.

We look at the profit from a business as a measurement of how successful the business is operating at any particular juncture. We can evaluate an area and then adjust and tweak by altering a strategy and tactic here and there. We do this by making sure we have provided enough value in each of these areas of our business.


Visit and connect with me on Google+ at Bruce Stewart

Home is Brisbane, Queensland, 4116, Australia.

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Company: Authority Site Nomad Pty Ltd. (Australia)

CEO. Bruce Stewart.
CFO. Philip Stewart.
GM. Joshua Stewart.

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